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At ALTEALO we offer a wide range of services - including but not limited to - sales, mediation, technical advisory, practical problem solving and coaching.

A core operating principle of ours is that nothing is black or white. Instead everything offers a wide variety of considerations on a grayscale.  We pride ourselves on our ability to find, analyze and communicate multiple approaches to each task, project, issue or challenge.

We are used to thinking on our feet and are able to quikly offer creative solutions to any problem. With our history of effectively tackling challenges in a variety of situations we are well equipped to add valuable input to your next endeavour.

Our Services

Sales and Marketing

We have decades of experience marketing and selling a wide variety of products and services and it's likely that we have ways to add to your bottom line.

Cultural Translations

Doing business internationally comes with its own set of challenges. How you speak, write and act can impact not only the bottom line but also the timing and quality of execution. Habing successfully conducted busimess around the world we can help ensure your success!

Technical Advisory

With hundreds of projects - ranging from two to four wheels, from sail to power boats, from ocean to mountain, from houses to airports- we have the know-how and practical insights to assist you.


Is your performance below what you are used to or what you aspire to? Would you like a pep talk or a have an outlet for your doubts? With the right attitude everything becomes easier and more fun.

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